Froxfield Coffee Table – Solid Ebonised Jarrah

Handcrafted in the Margaret River Region of WA by renowned Australian Designer maker Nathan Day.

Constructed utilising the Ancient ebonised jarrah.

Unique timber, formed and shaped curves and interlocking timber joinery give this table a solid foundation and great structural integrity. Beautifully finished by hand ensuring it is immaculately detailed and will last many lifetimes.

The Ancient Ebonised Jarrah story

Sourced from a Busselton property, the ancient Jarrah holds immense significance, originating from some of Western Australia’s largest and most remarkable trees. Despite Jarrah’s typical red hue, Nathan’s mission was to redefine its appearance. He utilised the ebonised finish and transformed this timber.

Ebonising isn’t mere black staining; it’s an age-old technique English furniture makers employed to emulate expensive timbers like ebony. By reacting iron acetate (from steel wool and vinegar) with timber’s tannins, Jarrah’s high tannin content induced a strong reaction, darkening the wood to a deep brown/black. The beauty lies in retaining natural undertones and tonal variance.


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