Citrus Valley Scented Candle

Rich, fragrant and zesty – a valley of aromatic citrus. Pink Grapefruit, Citron, Lemongrass, Blue Spruce, Cedar Notes.

The place – The Murray River.

You’ve finished a day of rowing across the lake. The murky water intersects with red rocks on the shore. Birds flutter as your paddle glides through the river. You imagine a school of fish surrounding the ore as you lean forward and back. You stop to savour the moment. Then a gust of zesty wind. The feeling Autumn is in the air.

Blending notes of a riverbank. Light lemongrassᅠmeetsᅠcedarᅠas the water meets the shore.ᅠCitron, the aromatic heart, is surrounded byᅠclementine,ᅠcassisᅠandᅠfir needles. Offset byᅠpink grapefruit, yuzuᅠandᅠblue spruce.

Hand poured in Australia.