Beach Bonfire Scented Candle

Warm, smokey and resinous. The rich and earthy scent. A night at the beach. Smoky Vetiver, Amber, Tobacco Woods.

The place – Palm Beach.

The combination of light sea breeze and a calm, soothing bonfire. Warm on approach, resinous and rich.

This is the scent of a warm Winter’s night. A scent for friends catching up or old friends reuniting. Igniting a fire off conversation.ᅠJoined under the musk of the Pacific Ocean and the sand underneath your feet, this scent stands between land and ocean.ᅠ

The warm and soft Australian aroma. The soaring flames and the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. A light wind and a softening fire. The scent continues into the night. The feeling and scent of a bonfire. Warm, rich and earthy. As amber reunites with old friends vetiver and tobacco wood, the fragrance combines as a combination of land and sea. The sandy bonfire meets the sea breeze. So came the Beach Bonfire.ᅠ

Hand poured in Australia.